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July 11, 2012 · 9:48 pm

First Note…………  If you recognize these children please don’t post on Facebook wall where their father can see it!

This is a surprise photo session.  He is currently deployed and Mom is going to surprise him by sending him some photos.

Once it is safe to talk about these cute kids to the parents on Facebook I will upload actual pictures to tag both parents in!


So now on to the fun part…… sharing some sneak peeks of the studio session with these 2 cuties!

Their mother is friends with my oldest daughter and I could hardly wait for them to make the trip to Illinois to visit family so that I could take some pics of them.


First off we have sweet little “L”

She sure was strong and knew what she liked and what she didn’t……  She practically refused to share the spotlight of pics with her brother.

Posed shots with the two of them touching in any way ended in her arching her back and pushing her brother backwards.  It was pretty comical.

I did get a few but more on that in a bit……


Next up with have big brother “E”

Here is a sweet shot of “E” with the Daddy Doll……  You can feel the love he has for his daddy.  This Daddy Doll also came in handy to put a smile on his little sister’s face too.

Then we have his “I am not gonna smile and trying not to laugh” face……..  Which my youngest gives me quite frequently.

But then he decided to smile some more…..    UNTIL………..  we tried another sibling shot.  lol  Of course this was his “But I wanna go play with Avery” face…..

Kids will be kids……  You just have to roll with it…..

Then we did manage to get some shots of them together.  We improvised…..  Near but not touching.  and a bit of smiling and laughing too!

And as usual I just don’t know how to share only a few sneak peeks……  But believe it or not there are at least 40 more images for mom to look thru besides these posted.

It was definitely an interesting session with losing power the night before and worried we wouldnt have power to do the pics…… then having power go out again in the middle of the session.

Grabbed my studio lights portable battery pack and kept on shooting.

Well I sure hope their mommy enjoys this sneak peek while I work out the bugs in the online proofing program I am using……. She is headed back out of town in the morning and I wish her safe travels.

“A” I will get you the link to your gallery as soon as I get the kinks worked out.  (upgraded program and its giving me fits)

AND DONT FORGET TO KEEP THIS A SECRET FROM THEIR DADDY FOR NOW!  Please dont go post on their mommy’s Facebook wall about loving the pics……….  Well at least not yet 😉  So if you want to let her know you love them be sure to leave a comment here !

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  • ruiz · Posted July 11, 2012 at 11:57 pm · Link · Reply

    Adorable. nice treatment. I love all the props

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