{Family} Studio LPP Sterling IL Photographer

January 4, 2013 · 4:48 pm

Just before Christmas this family gathered at my studio for a picture to celebrate Mom & Dad’s 20th Anniversary


Being my studio space is on the smaller side capturing a group of 10 in one shot just really isnt possible.

Plus getting 3 small children and all family members looking at the camera at the same time can also be a bit of challenge.

This family image is actually a merged image of 4 separate pictures!

The groups were shot in smaller sections and then images merged in post processing to create a fun family group picture where all children are looking!   There are many factors to consider when attempting this type of merge.  You want each image to have everyone at the same size & lighting to maintain consistency across so the final image doesn’t look pieced together.


We had a great time shooting these images…..  And aren’t those little ones just adorable!!

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