Studio LPP {Mod} Squad



What is the Studio LPP {mod} squad?

Basically, you are my presence at your school. You are charged with helping market my studio to your peers and getting them to book me for their senior pictures!

What am I looking for in a {mod} squad model?

I want kids who are fun, outgoing, involved, adventurous, creative…. you need to be up for anything! I want kids willing to try out new poses, new locations, and bring their individual style and flair to a photo shoot! I want kids willing to be supermodels for a day and have fun! I need kids who are willing to go out of their way to promote my business and be excited about their pictures!

What do you get out of it?


Well…..sort of. You have to earn the rewards as payment for a job well done. Basically, the more kids that book with me the more you get.

How does it work?

You need to apply to be on the {mod} squad. Once you are chosen we get together ASAP for your {mod} squad session. This session is all about getting some amazing images to use in my marketing materials, on Facebook, online and for you to use to promote Studio LPP. Creativity is a must! At this time you will be responsible for a $100 deposit which will be applied to your print order with two referrals . Why a fee? Well, history has taught me that kids need a little incentive to get out there and get the referrals. And, well, if you don’t I still need to be compensated for my time. Being a senior model is much like a job. You do your job, I pay you. If you don’t get any referrals, that’s ok …. you still are paying less than you would have otherwise.

After your session I will put together a selection of your images for you to share with your peers.

You will also be tagged in your images for use on Facebook. You must respect my copyright and not scan or use my images illegally. Any misuse of our copyrighted images such as scanning, removing of my logo, and or cropping out name from the images will result in an immediate termination of your model status and forfeiture of all credits, incentives, and deposits.

You also are required to have one of your senior model images as your Facebook avatar until December of your senior year.

You will be asked to sign a contract to not represent another studio during your time as an Studio LPP senior model. You will also be expected to not seek additional senior portraits at another studio. Basically, Studio LPP will be the only supplier of your senior pictures.

You must also agree to not be a fan or friend of other photographers on Facebook. This may seem silly, but it really looks bad to have my {mod} squad supporting other studios as well. Plus, you really don’t want other photographers to copy your awesome pictures!

You will earn a $25 photo credit for every referral that you send to Studio LPP (after the first two). Referrals are associated to each model by the use of their own custom coupon (model card mentioned above). Referrals must show or mention their coupon and or referring model to receive the credit at the time of booking and or purchase. Referrals only count once the payment is received from a package purchase.

I also expect you to keep up with any promotions I am running and inform your peers any way you can to take advantage of them. If I post an event on Facebook, make sure and invite your friends to it. Suggest the Studio LPP page to all of your friends as well!

I also use your images on my marketing materials, Facebook, and website and you and a parent must sign a release for me to do so.

Your first senior session MUST be completed by June 1st, 2017 or as soon as possible if selected as model after June 1st.  Your outdoor session must be completed by September 1st, 2017.

That’s it! Easy peasy, right?

So, how about those freebies?

Well…..each referral earns you $25 print credit OR 8 wallets. Remember, with your first two referrals you earn your deposit back as print credit!

And the gifts….well…they’re awesome!

I’m offering gift cards (you name the place….Abercrombie, Hollister, iTunes, etc), super discounts and cold hard CA$H! What’s more, you can even earn an iPod!!!!

1 Referral   –   $50 returned from your deposit as print credit
2 Referrals –   $100 returned from your deposit as print credit
3 Referrals –   $25 print credit
4 Referrals –   $50 print credit
5 Referrals –   $75 print credit
6 Referrals –   $100 print credit PLUS Extra Bonus of $25 gift card
7 Referrals –   $125 print credit + 20% Studio Discount
8 Referrals –   $150 print credit + 25% Studio Discount
9 Referrals –   $175 print credit plus $75 cash or gift card
10 Referrals – $ 200 print credit $100 cash or gift card
11 Referrals – $30 Cash Bonus For Each Referral After The First 10
15 Referrals-     iPod


Suggest a minimum of 50 of your facebook friends to me and earn $25 in print credit.
Get your class to book me for prom and earn credit for 2 more referrals.
Refer a model to our studio and get credit for 2 more referrals.


Interested? Read THE FINE PRINT and APPLY!!!

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