{Emily – SHS Class of 2013} Studio LPP | Senior Photographer

September 25, 2012 · 9:46 pm

Senior sessions have begun…..

Seniors are one of my most favorite people to photograph.

I love the fun sessions..  discovering new places to shoot

and making them laugh when they try to act serious…..


I think I have been so lucky that every senior who has walked into my studio

or met me at a park has been absolutely so REAL.  Kind sweet and willing

to do just about anything I ask of them even if they don’t understand why.


We have lots of fun.  laughing and getting to know each other.


Here is my first of many seniors I will be posting on the blog…..

Miss Emily….

{Sisters} Studio LPP | Children

September 25, 2012 · 9:29 pm

Well a while back I was lucky enough to

get these 2 darling little girls in my studio.


They were planning on going to a model call at the local arts academy

and needed a few pics to submit.


There mommy is a friend and I had her

come on over to capture a few pics.


Thought I would share some of these adorable girls….